WA Market Update – 2/11/2018

Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA

Another week has passed and a few more headers are rolling in Esperance, Geraldton and the northern and eastern parts of the Kwinana zone. It is obviously still very early on and not necessarily representative of what we are expecting to see across the state, but yield and quality reports have been rather varied. There have definitely been some unexpected results yield and quality wise, with yields coming in lower than expected as the impact from the frosts are being fully realised. On the other hand, it is pleasing to report that some growers are seeing less frost damage than what they had anticipated. Many growers are also seeing high screenings in their sample which is a result of the dry period through September. These quality results have seen the introduction of Malt 2 segregations at some CBH sites.

Markets were unkind again this week with all grades and commodities lower than this time last week. Wheat and barley losses were modest, whilst canola and next season wheat had double digit decreases. APW1 in Kwinana fell $1.50/MT and H2 fell $3/MT to end at $359.50/MT and $344.50/MT respectively. Feed barley is off $4/MT with the best bid being $338/MT FIS Kwinana. Canola fell $12/MT from where it was this time last week to drop below the $600/MTmark and end the week trading at $595/MT FIS. 2019-20 APW1 was off another $10/MT at $305/MT FIS in the Kwinana zone.

Pictured: Canola being harvested in WA’s Eastern Wheatbelt.

Prices as at 1st November 2018

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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