Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA

Harvest in WA continues to progress well, although heavy rains toward the end of last week stopped harvesting in its tracks for a number of growers in the north and east of the state. There have been reports of hail damaging crops as far north as Northampton, while crops in the north-eastern wheatbelt were also destroyed. CBH reported up to 60% of some farmer’s crops were wiped out. Thankfully in the Geraldton zone canola harvesting is all but complete and within a fortnight or so the remaining wheat, barley and lupins should be nearing completion.

While barley yields, as a general rule, have been positive the percentage being delivered as malt remains low, and with the wet conditions being experienced in eastern Australian barley growing regions, supply could be limited. Given Australia remains a key supplier of malt barley, this is likely to be supportive of malt premiums in the short to medium term.

There were only modest changes to WA bids this week but the tone was a tad firmer for wheat.

Prices as at Friday 24th November

pricing tables 2017111245 WA

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