WA Market Update – 26/10/2018

Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA

We remain in a bit of a holding pattern in WA with growers waiting for crops to completely develop before they begin their harvest. As I mentioned last week, there are some barley and canola tonnes being delivered in the Geraldton zone and there are also growers delivering canola down in Esperance. The deliveries will likely grow exponentially as we move into next week and the weather begins to warm up. It does seem as though the season has changed with the last couple of ‘traditional’ cold fronts having faded to nothing as the high pressure systems begin to dominate. Temperatures are expected in the low to mid 30’s in the central and northern zones next week so that will advance the crops and see us close in on harvest.

Unfortunately, price movements were unkind this week with all commodities and grades lower than they were seven days ago. The moves weren’t insignificant but do represent only a small percentage change given how strong bids are currently. APW1 was $7/MT lower at $361/MT and the lower grade ASW1 was $10/MT lower to finish at $345/MT FIS in Kwinana. Malt barley bids dropped $5/MT to fall below the $400/MT mark while feed was $8/MT lower at $342/MT in the Kwinana zone. Canola still remains over $600/MT, ending the week at $607/MT FIS.

Prices as at 25th October 2018

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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