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Agfarm is a diversified agribusiness focused on grower and consumer services, providing global grain intelligence and marketing expertise to small, large and commercial growers, as well as accumulation networks for grain buyers. We offer an innovative range of products and services that will help the industry to prosper for generations to come. Agfarm has a national footprint with staff throughout the Australian grain belt, providing a wide range of local and national knowledge as well as accurate unbiased market intelligence and price discovery.


Agfarm Advantage ESR Calculator

Agfarm has launched an ESR Calculator for Agfarm Advantage, our indexed selling program. It calculates the estimated return based on your chosen commodity, site and port zone, and shows an ESR for all available programs and payment options.

To access the calculator, click the button below.

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Agfarm World Market Updates

  • Southern NSW Market Wrap – 17/11/2017

    Nathan Michael, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW Harvest has started across most of the region. The northern areas have finished what little canola was there, are close to finishing the barley and have already begun on wheat, while most western and southern areas are well and truly in the middle of their barley and canola harvest. […]

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  • Central NSW Market Wrap – 17/11/2017

    Central NSW Market Wrap – 17/11/2017 Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW We saw an impressive run at harvest progression this week, as up until recently we’ve enjoyed a relatively dry run. The rain toward the end of the week has pulled things up for now, and the total fall will determine how long the […]

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