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Agfarm is a diversified agribusiness focused on grower and consumer services, providing global grain intelligence and marketing expertise to small, large and commercial growers, as well as accumulation networks for grain buyers. We offer an innovative range of products and services that will help the industry to prosper for generations to come. Agfarm has a national footprint with staff throughout the Australian grain belt, providing a wide range of local and national knowledge as well as accurate unbiased market intelligence and price discovery.


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  • Agfarm World Market Update, August 2017

    What does the recent USDA report really tell us? The most recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) report was published on Friday 11th of August. Surprisingly, it increased global wheat and barley production when most thought it would do the exact opposite. Unsurprisingly, this left most market participants scratching their heads. The headline numbers […]

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  • Agfarm World Market Update, July 2017

    Wheat and Barley Price Volatility Not Seen in Three Years. Wheat and barley prices are showing price volatility not seen for three years, both globally and in Australia. The 2016/17 harvest saw 10 year lows in grain prices, while the month of June and into July saw a rally of up to 30%. It has […]

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