Advantage March 4

Agfarm Advantage March 4 is a post harvest marketing program providing you with structured sales from March until June, exposing your grain to possible market rallies.

Agfarm Advantage March 4 operates by the same mantra as all Agfarm Advantage programs. The difference is, March 4 allows you to transfer grain post harvest and markets 25% of your grain each month from March until June. This time frame gives your grain exposure to the key spring weather period in the northern hemisphere production cycle.

Market Facts


  • A record Australian winter crop production means any meaningful rally in prices should be driven by production issues off shore.
  • March through to June is the key growing period for winter wheat in North America, Europe and the Black Sea.
  • This period commonly sees volatility in prices due to spring weather.

Commodities AcceptedDog-min

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Canola

Payment Options

payment structure-min

Advance Fees

  • Wheat: $4/MT
  • Barley: $4/MT
  • Canola: $7/MT