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Introducing Agfarm Accelerate

Turn your future grain production into a line of credit with Agfarm Accelerate. If you are looking to finance your cropping inputs, free up your cash flow and access funds from pre-sowing right through to harvest, Agfarm Accelerate is the product for you.



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You can now fund your fuel and lubricant purchases on Agfarm Accelerate, Agfarm’s crop input financing product, click here to find out more.
Introducing Agfarm Accelerate

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We listen when you talk about the increasing costs of cropping inputs and funding with traditional banks, we have developed Agfarm Accelerate as a flexible and simple way to finance your cropping inputs for this harvest.


Complete the application form for an Agfarm Accelerate credit limit online or at your nearest participating store.


Agfarm will process your application form and if approved, set up your Agfarm Accelerate account.


Purchase your cropping inputs such as seed, fertiliser and ag-chemical at participating stores and bill these purchases to your Agfarm Accelerate account.


You will receive monthly statements outlining your balance and interest charged to keep you up to date with your account.


Deliver grain to the value of your spend on inputs plus interest and select your preferred option to sell grain via Agfarm to pay for the finance.

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Purchase your cropping inputs at participating stores around Australia and bill your purchases against your Agfarm Accelerate account.

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      Accelerate FAQs

      • What is Agfarm Accelerate?

        Agfarm Accelerate is a crop input financing product that provides you with a line of credit for all your cropping needs, such as seed, fertiliser and chemicals. The credit is secured against your future grain production. Accelerate provides flexible funding options to support your cash flow needs from pre-sowing right through to harvest.

      • How does it work?

        Agfarm provides funding to your Accelerate account so you can purchase all your cropping inputs. An account can be created at over 60 stores across Australia. Please use the store locator to find your nearest store. At harvest time, your account and accrued interest is repaid in grain. We will assign you with an Agfarm coordinator to assist you throughout the whole Accelerate program. This includes the application process, season progress check-ins and converting grain to cash to close out your facility at harvest time.

      • How do I setup an account?

        Complete an application form to begin the process. This can be done online or in hard copy at your nearest participating store.

        Agfarm will reply with three further documents:

        • Credit confirmation form
        • Crop security deed
        • Individual verification of customer information
      • What documents do I need to provide Agfarm?
        • Financial statement
        • Statement of position
        • Proof of lot and folio number
      • How is the facility limit set?

        Facility limit is set based on a combination of production data and your financial position. This limit is set by the Agfarm credit risk committee.

      • How do I repay my loan?

        Your Agfarm coordinator will work with you to find the best marketing option for your grain and clear your Accelerate facility. You must close out your Accelerate facility by January 15 for the winter cropping season and October 15 for summer cropping season.

      • Who can I sell to?

        You can book any major trader or consumptive market. Your Agfarm coordinator will assist to identify best market opportunity. You will sell to Agfarm, who will on sell to the identified market. Agfarm reserves the right to approve the buyer in all instances.

      • How do I pay back my loan?

        At harvest time, your account and accrued interest is repaid in grain (wheat, barley, sorghum or canola). We understand that you (or your broker) want control of your grain marketing timing. With Agfarm Accelerate the choice is yours.

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